As You Were

by Shady M




As You Were is a 7 track EP that explores the complications of life and how we as humans overcome those obstacles. From the things that we face, to the things that we are going to face, this EP offers the listener a story driven experience while at the same time grasping on to the roots of traditional hip hop as well as blending elements from other genres such as jazz. Short and sweet, As You Were is sure to grasp the attention of those who enjoy music, and even those who don't enjoy listening to rap.


released August 7, 2014

Executive produced by Jawad Mecka
I do not own any of the instrumentals used on this project.




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Shady M Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: A Beautiful Life( ID Labs)
I pour myself a cup of tea
Write down some poetry
Walk outside
Autumn skies
I feel the cold breeze
Pass between my knees
orange leaves of the trees that stand before me
I hit the streets
I just hit the sidewalk
A couple men wearing suits in a group side talk
I'm just a face in the crowd
When the light turns green
Car engines crow loud
I look up and I see a plane passing through the white clouds
And the sun rays shine from the sky to the ground
The smell of coffee bean grows stronger in the town
I'm in love
What more can I say
It's a beautiful day
Let's take a break from the wars and adore this life
Lets savor the day before it turns to night
Let your heart beat faster for the person you like
Let your dreams take flight
Like the wind blowing through the air dancing with a kite
And it'll be alright
They say
Life's a rollercoaster so you gotta sit tight
Go on and preach peace
Don't be violent and fight
And when the day ends
It still shines bright
Because you decide to smile
And illuminate the night
And make the stars jealous
When people hear my music
They say
What's he trying to tell us
Just have a good day
And even if the sky decides to be grey
Just have a good day
Throw your hands up in the air and pray
Forehead to the ground
You get what I'm trying to say
Close your eyes and forget about all the pain
And sometimes I just can't take it anymore
What am I fighting for
Who am I writing for
For ever person that dies
Another baby is born
Life is to be loved and not to be lived as a chore
You can't buy love and happiness at the store
I want to travel the world
With a beautiful girl
Whom I'll call my wife
And live a beautiful life
And when the days go by
We'll laugh and cry
And time will fly
In this this beautiful life
And we'll fall in love
And things will get rough
But we'll get back up
In this beautiful life
And we'll chase our dream
And We'll fail and scream
And then we'll achieve
In this beautiful life
And when times get rough
Go on and pray to your lord
Because life is not about all the things you can afford
Not the money you make
But the risks you take
And when we all get old
we'll celebrate and contemplate
About this beautiful life
But things get ugly in this beautiful life
And things go wrong when you want them to be right
Track Name: Still & Silent as the Mountains( Hammock)
Her silence makes the loudest of noises
But it has to
Because she can't speak
Thoughts form into words and flow from her hands
Rather than her tongue
Mute from birth
She was a baby pulled from the womb
And as her mother recalls
She opened her mouth in silence
Attempting to cry to the world
But nothing was heard
And that's when the doctors knew something was wrong
Her father clenched her mother's hand
And whispered: we need to be strong
She's heard that same story over a million times
But can only comment on it with her hands
A voice screams inside her head
Wanting to be let out
Her voice is serving life in prison
Behind the bars of her mind
She opens her mouth
And tries to shout
But theres still nothing
There's always a light at the end of every tunnel
And the darkness of the night ends with the suns light
There's someone who has fallen for her
Like Autumn after summer
He wanted to be her significant other
He wanted to love her
He had a functional voice box
And ears like a hawk
But his eyes
With 20/20 eyesight
Have fallen for the one person who can't even talk
She had
Cheeks that were rosy like a red ranunculus
That blossoms in the garden
Eyes that looked alive
And were sea green like the dead sea
His friends ask if he would marry her
He responds: if they let me
But love is an incredible force
And the only ones that could break it are the ones that made it
He looked her in the eyes and said hi
But she didn't respond
She lifted her hand next to her head
And waved
And moved her hands to spell her name
And then laughed
Her laughter was silent but it echoed through his mind
And sent chills down his spine
He thought I want you to be mine
And although you can't speak
It'll all be fine
But he didn't have the guts to say it
So he cut the conversation short and said bye
His feelings were not mixed
He was absolutely sure that this was the one
And now it's him against the world as he tries to obtain the silent girl
Father grows angry and threatens to discharge him from the family
And mother looks at her son and explains to him the meaning of love
And that's when it becomes silent
How can love be determined by someone who feels what he doesn't feel
But she said the world keeps spinning like a hamster on a wheel
He looks at his mother and says: will the world stop spinning if I do what I please?
Mother grows angry
If she's in trouble she can't scream for you
If she needs you she can't call you
She speaks a foreign language
So your whole life you'll have a translator sitting in between
Explaining to you exactly what she means
But I can learn
But I can learn
She has no voice
Because God made her that way
She speaks with her hands but I can learn what she's trying to say
And then he walked away
That night
He got on his knees and he prayed
Forehead on the earth
Speaking to the heavens
Heart beating like a metronome
Love made his heart its home
And he fell asleep just like that
Now beauty is what your eyes perceive
Not what people believe
Sometimes it's the very thing that you need
To continue to breathe
But beauty has no voice
It's the silence that pierces you like a bullet
And makes even the smartest man act foolish
He gets in his car and begins to drive to the girl filled with silence
And he prays he'll get their safely
The whole world stops as he flips in slow motion off of the interstate
His car begins spinning like the hamster wheel his mother metaphorically compared the world to
And then it stops
And he's shaking like he had Parkinson's disease
He's trying hard to breathe
He opens his mouth to scream
But nothing comes out
Like the girl of silence when she was born
So he closes his eyes and he thinks of her eyes as the blood drips down from his forehead to his brow
Now he's awake in his hospital bed
Feels damp gauze wrapped around his head
He sees his mother and father standing around him
His mother places her head on his father's shoulder
And his father whispers: we need to be strong
He opens his mouth to speak
But there's nothing
He tries to scream
But there's nothing
So he starts to weep
And even then
His cry can't be heard
The doctor walks in and brings the mother and father to the side
He overhears the words “traumatic event" and “permenatly mute"
And knows that his whole life has changed
Visitors bring flowers because those are supposed to make him feel better
But all he could think of now
Is her
Is this a gift or a curse he thinks
Is this for better or for worse
These thoughts overwhelm him
And his brain starts to hurt
And is awaken
Soon after
A smooth hand is placed on his face
A woman's hand
But who
He opens his eyes
He thinks of who it could be
And it's who he thinks it is
She waves because she can't speak
He tries to wave but he's too weak
So she sits down next to him
Opens up a book
And begins to teach
Love is silent
But screams at the heart
And now silence is the very thing
That won't break them apart
Be still in silence
And it'll move you
And echo through your heart
Like mountains
Be strong like the wind that blows over the sea
And you will conquer
Track Name: Going the Distance Ft.Jawad Mecka( Fort Road)
This distance is vicious
It's eating me alive
I say to myself that it'll all be fine
Maybe one day our paths will intertwine
I'm stressed
Then I feel blessed when I see your eyes
It's crazy how time flies
You'd be surprised when you realize how it goes by1
You gotta make it all worth it while you're alive
Need to survive through these words and rhymes.
As I
Express my patient
I don't know how much longer I can take this
Consider this a dedication
I learn through life
I'm living an education
I look outside and I see the precipitation
Fall on to the pavement
I am like rain in the way that I am weightless
I lost my train of thought
So I have to wait at the station
I respect that you respect my dreams and aspirations
You need to understand that I'm just trying to make it
We will be the light that illuminates the darkness
A struggling artist
In a one room room apartment
I don't want it to be like that
But if it does I need someone to have my back
These nightmares attack
And I lose sleep for weeks
And when it all falls down I refuse to speak
But for the stars I reach
And on the moon I shall place my feet
I will not face defeat
I learn from my mistakes so I can teach
No need to worry
I'm a warrior
I'm a writer not a fighter
And the pen is my sworde
ven if I win the battle
I haven't won the war
So when words flow from your mouth I forget about
What makes me stressed out
Silence is louder than shout
No doubt that my heart is harder than grout
As I write these verses
I ask myself if it's worth it
Or if my work is worthless
And when my situation worsens
You bring all the good that I've done to the surface
I thank you for your service
I need to buy time
I need to make a quick purchase
What is my purpose
Am I another clown in this circus?
Sometimes I can't write because I sense a disturbance
Life's moving fast
And I know it won't last
And I will break like glass
How did I get here
I feel so lost
I need that motivation
For when I become numb like novacation
As the light shines on my iris
I sense blindness
But I can't define this
I'm stressed with no rest but I strive to find it
Track Name: Darling Please( Ta-Ku)
He was hurt
He said
I just got fired from work
Her eyes grew wide and she said we'll make it work
She put their money on the table and started counting
We'll have to cut the cable
But we'll find our way around this
She said we've got a child to feed
And another on the way
This is the last thing we need
A young couple
In the struggle
With their marriage in trouble
The bills start stack up
And the pain begins to double
Life's hard like a puzzle
But every puzzle is made to be solved
And no matter what happens
The moon will still revolve
Around the earth
He says it'll get better
But it gets much worse
She says
What are we gonna do after I give birth
The baby starts crying
The man on the news speaks of people dying
He turns the TV off and starts crying
Holds his wife tight
She says I understand you're trying
But we can't predict the future
God is the one deciding
He says
All we need is each other
She says times will get tougher
But I refuse to let my child embrace hunger
She takes a quick pause
Then tells him he needs to get a job
He says
I've been trying for months and nothings come up
She says
Well try harder and be smarter
Do you want to be a homeless father to your daughter
Listen we're in this together
And I swear on my life it'll get better
He says darling please
Just believe in me
Stick with me like grilled cheese
She smiles as her tears flow
He says
We will watch our children grow
And when they do
We'll tell them the story of me and you
And the happiness that we tried hard to pursue
And when the baby starts kicking
And we go to the hospital
We'll be free of any obstacles
you make it sound easy
But it doesn't seem logical
We don't have any money
He says nothing is impossible
when I start making money
Let's go somewhere tropical
She smiles
He says
I know it's hard and it will be for a while
But we need to be strong
And stay hard like tile
I pray to the one above
That you'll continue to love me
And not fall for the money
He places his ear on the tummy of his hubby
He says
I can hear her kicking
She seems ready for the world
That's my baby girl
And your the oyster holding the pearl
Track Name: Why( Oddisee)
What's the difference between living and surviving?
When you survive all you worry about it dying
When you live all you worry abouts being alive and
But the question of the day is why?
Why are politicians politically incorrect?
Why are they using bullets when they can use intellect?
Why do they call our women oppressed
When their women are undressed
Riding on the poles with no rest
I'm just trying to pray and they say I'm under arrest
I'm under the power of God
Their telling me to follow the laws
But their not following the laws
So who's not doing their job
They putting on a parade
A fasade
Now they all just applaud
Their hearts are so cold but they won't let it thaw
Down here we throw parties
Over seas they throw grenades
We're a slave to this society
And they're slaves to the grave

That's the word on my mind
So stressed out I gotta close my eyes
But I gotta ask this question
But I gotta ask this question
I gotta ask why
I look up and see bullets raining from the sky
Turn the TV on and I see people die
What are we doing with our lives
How can we tell the truth if we're living a lie*

I'm trying to chase my dreams but there's chemicals in the air
Produced by the factories that pretend they're unaware
People look at our women and judge them by what they wear
And even after they judge them they just stare
Why do we perceive our women as objects?
Why do we turn beauty into a contest?
Why do we take everything out of context?
I can look you in the eyes
And I can keep asking why
But the question doesn't seem to register in your mind
Are you blind?
Do you not see what's happening to man kind?
If we fall in love then it'll all be fine
But We're moving backwards
Reliving the dark times
Where people would go to jail for simply being alive
My heart beats faster as I recite these lines
When the rain goes away
The sun starts to shine
The sun starts to shine

That's the word on my mind
So stressed out I gotta close my eyes
But I gotta ask this question
But I gotta ask this question
I gotta ask why
I look up and see bullets raining from the sky
Turn the TV on and I see people die
What are we doing with our lives
How can we tell the truth if we're living a lie*

Maybe we can use love to destroy the hate
To end all wars and debates
I don't care what it takes
Close my eyes and supplicate to the most great
People overseas scream
running through smoke screen
Opening their eyes only to see it's not a dream
It's like a movie scene
That'll never end
And even if it did
It would start over again
Answered with weapons
Bullets filled with oppression
Killing people is no longer considered a crime
The days become longer as I stare at the time
Dead presidents worshipped like they're alive
money is controlling our minds
On the darkest of days your smile still shines
So when the world falls apart
It'll all be fine
And I see the beauty shine in your eyes
And I no longer need to ask why

That's the word on my mind
So stressed out I gotta close my eyes
But I gotta ask this question
But I gotta ask this question
I gotta ask why
I look up and see bullets raining from the sky
Turn the TV on and I see people die
What are we doing with our lives
How can we tell the truth if we're living a lie
Track Name: Amiraca( Shag)
She was fresh off the boat
With some hope in her heart
Little did she know that it would rip her apart
Fresh from overseas
for the american dream
That was beautifully portrayed on TV
She realized this wasn't the land of the free
This is the land that would test her deen
With the little English that she spoke
She bought herself a diet coke
Sat alone
And tried to mend her little heart that had broke
It's been a while since she and her dad had spoke
So she picked up the phone
Baba I want to go home
He says you should be happy that you left home
She says
But everyone hates me here
He says lower your tone
She says I know you don't care if I'm forever alone
She thought that universities
accepted her kind
Every single time
They threw her behind
They said
Take off your scarf
You'll be ahead of the line
You can't speak no English so you won't survive
She said asalamualkum
all they offer her is ham
And now a man tries to shake her hand
So she pulls it back
And runs away
But one girl stops her and says it's okay
Not all of uz us are like that
We wont give you pain
With her broken English
Amira told the girl her name
Your scarf is so beautiful
So don't feel ashamed
And I will teach you the language
Of this land
So when someone speaks to you you'll understand
Amira nodded her head
Back home her mom and dad struggle for bread
In America she struggles to understand what's being said
The girl said
My name is Erica and we can be friends
Amira needs Erica to survive in America
So she chooses to accept this hand that's being lent
She moved in with Erica and helped pay the rent
Racism was the only thing she couldn't prevent
But Erica was there when Amira wanted to vent
Amira was called terrorist like it was her name
How could you call someone a terrorist if they don't terrorize?
Her eyeliner mixed with her salty tears
Falling down from her eyes
And she started to cry
She used her scarf
To dry her cherry red cheeks
She wanted to speak
And let all of America know that she wasn't weak
She now speaks their language
And she does what they do
why do they still treat her like she came from a zoo?
They don't even want to hear her political views
Next day at school
Someone calls her a fool
If I take off my scarf will you start to respect me?
If that's the case, then you can all just forget me
I've got God on my side
He'll respect me and protect me
And he won't ever forget me
She won't let her accent
Hold her back from her passion
America for Amira is not the way she imagined

*wipe the tears from your eyes
Welcome to america
You're too strong to cry
Welcome to america
they don't treat you right
But you're living in america
And when they tell you to go home
Tell them you are
Even in the darkness
Your a shining star