Track Name: Chasing Lost Voices(Prod. by G.Cal)
Im chasing lost voices on this avenue full of people
I can't really hear the voices I want to hear because of these sounds that I don't want
I find the nearest park bench and sit
And just sit
Till the last street light flickers on
I sit
Yesterdays news lies on the ground with the head line shouting at me
These are not the voices that I like
I chase the voices that are calm in tone
A man across me yells at his wife and breaks his phone
The epitome of anger is present
His worst day could be someone else's best
And his best day could be someone else's worst
Worst case scenario he has to get a new phone
Phone home and let em know that your okay
Okay to say that nothing is impossible
Impossible is a fabricated word made for those who dont believe
Believe until your for head becomes red from prostration
The moon and sun rise up 100 times over
Overseas soldiers running straight through a desert
Starting a war between the peasants
Peasants find a place to hide but no home can apply that comfort
Comfort on this park bench is all I need
Need is not what you want but what is required to survive
Survive in this land of hunters and hunted
Hunted by these voices
I am the hunter chasing them with no purpose or reason
I wake up
Still on this park bench in between the busiest avenues
Children chase lost voices
Never to be found.
Track Name: Continuance(Prod. by Freddie Joachim)
Voices of the faces behind the TV screen
Its reality not fiction cant you see
Kind of like Leo di in that inception scene
Young rich boy chasing the green
Young independent girl chasing her dreams
Imagination runs wild
Let the kids day dream
Free convict yearns to be clean
But the life in the past comes and intervenes
The closest of friends become enemies
Saying bad things like “your dead to me"
But theyre still alive
And theyre still alright
Long nights
I turn on the light
And begin to write
Letters becomes words and words bring emotion
It all starts to flow like waves in the ocean
Emotion is in these lines so I stop for a moment
Love is a fighter and its my opponent
But its the essence of life
And a main component
Life's a deck of cards
Don't choose to fold it
Hang on don't forfeit
Sit patiently
I swear your time will come
Chase dreams
you can no longer run
I know it sounds cliche
But you can find true love
Wolverine and Jean Grey
Let your inner Phoenix shoot out its rays
Spit fire breath flames
You know what I'm saying
Metaphors open doors
Taking out the trash
Doing chores
On my knees
On the floor
Ask for less
Pray for more
Big difference in social merits and social status
Live average
And discover madness
Get money the fastest
Overdose on that passion
Visions on televisions
Tell this vision as I listen
I'm livin
Kids collect kicks then they start flippin
Come on wear them at least
Mind becomes infected like yeast
Show some love like a thanksgiving feast
Situations out of reach
Talking in fragments
Impairments in my speech
Words overflow like a leak
Like a lake
I cannot
Take this anymore
Falling love
Upside down
so I'm falling above
Distorted like static
Sadess is automatic
And switches on like a light
I need to rid of this sickness
Find a cure to this blight
My pencil breaks as I write
But this is my fight
This is my fight
And I'm boxing
Until the night is over
Million man marching
But I'm a two footed solider
Looking for some peace and closure
and its slowly taking over
I can't wait until its over
Everything is okay
No its not
Rushing with this love
Now I'm tying the knot
I have lost this fight with time that I've fought
Open up my mind
Its too late
Its locked up
Like a safe
Track Name: Love Love Love(Prod. by L.A Chase)
Cold nights of winter cant erase this heat
Autumn winds begin to blow
Giving me cold feet
I take a seat
But reason is out of reach
What is this feeling that I'm feeling
I feel the feeling is unique
You feel me
I'm not speech impaired
But Im scared
I can barely even speak
I finish up this puzzle
Putting in the final piece
Spittin bars filled with stress down by the local creek
Is this supposed to make me stron g?
Does love make you weak
I think about for the next couple of weeks
So beautiful and elegant
Modest and intelligent
In the now and relevant
The feeling is benevolent
*Is this love love love
I got a feeling in my heart
This is love love love
Days turn to nights
Skies become grey
I don't know what to do
No idea what to say*
My minds entering a faze
Where I think about the situation for a couple days
Completely lost from society
And all its social ways
But wait there's always more like billy mayes
Emotions set in motion
Love is burning the blaze
How do I show how I feel
And not get lost in this maze
I don't know
I sit and watch your smile glow
So bright that the night looks like daytime
With a little bit of slow
Now she's taking over my dreams
Taking over everything
And she's not even here
I live my life like pokemon
A wild lover appears
And that lover is me
Blind man playing piano but he can perfectly see
Deaf man giving speeches
Gives me reason to believe
In myself
But I'm sitting over here thinking about my health
I think I need help
I'm in love
But I'm trouble
The stakes become high and the stress begins to double
The world continues on
While I sit here and wait
Cup of tea in hand
Back and forth I pace
As my heart starts to pace
When reality strikes it aches
See this is the part I hate
I hate it because its real
No ones knows how I feel
But me myself and I
Will I survive or get killed
The pressure rises up as things go downhill
There's always positivity in negative situations
But I'm sitting here patient
I don't think im gonna make it.
Track Name: The Killing Fields(Prod. by The Roots)
Homeschooled by talk radio and television
A young boy sees fools in leader like positions
The word leader takes on a different definition
Lie after lie after lie he just listens
There's a war on the inside
He can't fight in this condition
Of a world so free
That pollution doesn't exist and the air flows free
We will be
Like soliders at sea
Waiting for a chance to breathe
Waiting for a chance to see
All the violence end
All the pain descend
And the poor get fed
See the bullets keep on flying
Innocents keep on dying
Fields of flowers blown away
Some survive till their old and grey
But none of them want to revisit those days
I understand
How would you feel if someone took away your land
Your source of income
Your life
And everything you have
*killing people in the killing fields
Killing people in the killing fields
And their taking them away
And their taking them away*
Now the children run and play in broken buildings and dirt
Every second outside is a risk of getting hurt
See the system doesn't work
How are you killing innocents and forgetting the incident
How do even live with it?
A single blossom rises up in the killing fields
Even the wounds of a nation can heal
This is not a movie
No all of this is real
from the bullets to the lies to those who try to fight
But end up on the floor because they couldn't survive
I'm talking about Syria
To the child rebel soldiers in somalia
Hunger strikes in Mumbai
Ask yourself why
They lack food to continue and accept that they'll die
You see the pressure is on
A man with no limbs supports the cause
He cant accept these laws
A woman with no husband taking care of her child
Standing there with no home and they still smile
Soldiers make it rain bullets
The concept is foolish
No emotion in the process
Just simple trigger pulling
And its not breaking news
They say hunt or be hunted
Meaning you win or you lose
Piece together the clues
My friends corruption is alive
Misconceptions on the rise
A young girl stands at the ledge wishing that she could fly
As the sun falls down and the moon comes
Just another day surviving
No time to love
Only time to run
In the killing fields
Track Name: Lost in the City(J.Cole-Losing my Balance)
The city is lost
And so is my mind
After a long day of working on the line
Long rhymes relate to how I feel
Close to being killed
All that matters now is a shower and a meal
To the waitress that supports her kids off of tips
To the worker standing all day and refuses to sit
Get lost in the city
Just get lost in the city
Money isn't everything
There are things that are more pretty
Than the diamonds and gold
Let your story unfold
And the beauty glow
Get lost in the city
Drift away on a canopy
Do anything to keep yourself away from insanity
But your trying to survive
I see the stress in your eyes
Wash your face in the sink
Then you start to think
Dry hands
Grey hair
Eyes bloodshot pink
Shaky hands
Shaky hands
When you go for a drink
Do you see the connection
The overbearing link
Get lost in the city
Look for Zelda in Hyrule
The city is busy like back to school
Love flows in the city
Like the breeze in autumn
Like batman in Gotham
Understand what I mean
After a long day of work
Go and chase your dream
To the barrista stressed out serving coffee till 3
To the man in the cubicle
Who wants to be free
fly away and believe
Don't take a second to breatge
Flap your wings and scream
Live in a land where you're king
Let go and sing
Stand under the rain and live a fantasy
Live happily
Not in agony
To the kid cleaning tables late nights at applebees
To the man cleaning floors in school faculties
Be free
And get lost in the city
I mean lost not found
Stand your ground
Like state laws and regulations
To the Fob working 9-5 at the gas station
To the teacher stressing out from complications
Get lost in the city
Get lost in the nation
The hardest working man breaks down in prostration
shedding tears in supplication
come on and ride the wave
These nights are a reward for your hard working days
Now the lights flash bright like headlines on a page
Some are stressed out and going through this faze
Where the color on their beards slowly become grey
I understand your pain
Dump that pain down the drain
I know you got some happiness flowing in your veins
Track Name: Ninety3Nights(Prod. by Tantu)
summertime breeze
Cool winds in the trees
Metaphores and schemes
Herbivores and greens
They all become the same once you enter my dreams
I'm sitting under the shade
Spittin my rage
Placing words on the page
Erupting into flames like an animal in a cage
I'm trying to find myself in these nights
Under the stars
Past the lights in the car
My mind goes places and its taking me far
Like Aladdin and Jasmine escaping from Jafar
Shadow boxing with my reflection
Making a connection when I spar
In the dark
The night is young
Its making me feel old
Even in summer
Your hearts are still cold.
Unforviven visions of an everlasting past
93 nights ago I was sharp as glass
93 nights later I'm lying on the grass
*in these 93 nights
Filled with lights and breeze
I fall asleep and chase these dreams
Till my feet start to ache
And my heart screams*
Finding the meaning of life under the nighttime sky
The strongest of men aren't the ones that don't die
The strongest are the ones who accept that they'll die
Au revoir
Standing by the reservoir
Good bye until we meet again
That won't be far
Be the Simba of this kingdom
Refrain from being scar
Bring some light into your life
Refrain from being dark
Does that make sense
Its hard to make dollars when you have to pay rent
Its hard to be super when you're not Clark Kent
Its hard to support your country when you can't represent
Let me tell about education and intellect
Adults in the past putting things in retrospect
Trying to make things connect like dots
But people see me as an alien like Spock
Time is ticking on the clock
Be soft as the breeze not hard as a rock
I feel the essence of adolescence in the air
Teaching children lessonslessons in despair
Summer is only like 93 nights
So make it all count
Make your wrongs write
as I sit and write
Sipping a cup of tea with some Turkish delights
So sweet just like the love of ones life
So you gotta make this count
You only have one life
We all know you live once
That's obviousness in sight
Track Name: Don't you Fall Now(Prod. by L.A Chase)
Dreams are a simple vision of the mind
Memories are scenes and events from past times
Emotion is an ocean full of feeling
Its not very appealing when its sad but its better when its glad
Losing hope
Letting go of the ropes
In a time where money rules
And teaches children at school
A humble man looks like a fool
But the rich man is cool
And is sad
Words with lost definitions
Are spoken as I reveal my sweetest dispositions
But no body wants to listen
Poetic lines
Spoken in hard times
Awoken by a lost mind
With lost morals and beautiful lies
And beautiful eyes
Understand and realize the words of the wise
Don't you fall
Rise up
Don't live like your gonna die
Live like your alive
Hopes and dreams go to war
And its up to you to survive
*don't don't don't dont don't don't you fall now
don't don't don't dont don't don't you fall now
don't don't don't dont don't don't you fall now
Hang on to ropes don't you fall down*x2
You chose give up
Because you live rough
Live with that dream chasing mind state with a hint of love
After a while you feel like you've had enough
No role models to look up to
But you'll get through
Yet you think otherwise
Between a rock and a hard place
intervention is divine
Don't let them mess with your mind
don't let them distort your thoughts
And import a way of life that'll make you rot
Like month old apricots
Left out in the open
Success is a vision but happiness is your potion
A perspective based on money and success
Brings stress none the less
But I digress
Jumping back into the topic
Wash away the past like water in a faucet
Shoot towards your dreams like a rocket
And protect what you believe in like money in a pocket
You got it?
Track Name: Back Stabbers(Prod. by SF Vibe)
Backstabers resist the urge to not stab backs
But its habitual
Almost like a ritual
Verbally attacking one other
One friends
Almost brothers
Almost felt like you shared the same mother
Now he just another
Person you want to smother
Because of lies and deceit
He's deceitful
He deceived you
He was almost your equal
Let down by some stupid lies told in stupid times
Now he lying down trying not to cry
Words brought him down now his friendship has died
he wants to get revenge
nothing changes in the end
Should he attack his enemy or his friend
Their both the same though
brains soft like play doh
He needs a tame soul
Before his flames grow
Now the days cold
Cole World like j Cole
Pure goldgold
Turn to mold
Watch the story unfold
5th period
He takes a seat
Why is he sitting right beside me
he threw me over the Cliff like Bill Cosby
All can be defeated
Back stabbed by his man he cant believe it
His friendship was special
He needs it
Everyone has their limits
Just let go and say that your finished
Lay it down in the dirt and watch it diminish
That's it its all over
Walk it off
Be a solider
Don't make the same mistakes you've made before
The future isn't visible
But theres something in store
Pounds his heart until he gets to the core
What are we fighting for
I can't fight anymore
Backstabers stabbing backs and back biting away
Biting backs of their brothers
betrayal brought to the page
He's enraged
So he opens his eyes
Ear full of truth but a mouth full of lies
As he rises up he faces his demise
Sadness and tears begin flowing
True emotion is showing
mistake from a friend who was fake
Life is all about the risks you take
Hands start to shake
Doesn't know what to do at this rate
For he's lost in a lie
Lost in betrayal
Lost in his pride
He should have had
A better friend
At a better time
Better run away before they stab from behind
Track Name: Love & Tea(Souls of Mischief-93 til Infinity)
I'm standing here with the peasants
Speaking life's essence
I'm teaching life lessons
Don't fall into depression
That corrupts young minds
I'm taking wrong turns and I'm speaking out of line
I'm running out of time
Out of words
Out of rhymes
Watch it all intertwine
The beat starts to rise
Heart beat starts to climb
Tarzan swinging on a vine
I'm not making any sense
Like a mawho makes no money
Dont start laughing cause I'm sure its not funny
Do you love me?
Doesn't matter
Carry on
Reflect bright like a diamond in Sierra Leon
I can use somebody like the kings of Leon
Distortion of my words
Importance is absurd
Apply force and you will learn
Work hard and you will earn
Smoke long and you will burn
I know what I'm gonna do like phinease and ferb
Oppositing the competition
With broken down visions
But no body wants to listen
watch the stars as they glisten
Swim in a sea full of fishes
Meiji restoration
The invasion of samurais
Come and corrupt my mind
Wearing kimonos
Taking over my brain
My brain has become a dojo
I'm weeping
Its not noticed like tear drops in the rain
Lost thoughts filled with pain
The world will never be the same
fight my way through this game like lu kang with the flame
I'm trying to take it back and subtract from emotions
Spitting 7 bars past the 7 seas and the oceans
Keeping things smooth like lotion
As I proceed
To give you what you like
My brain becomes blocked
I can no longer write
My body becomes
I can no longer fight
I cannot survive
Happiness is the paradigm of life
2 kids
A nice home and a wife
Typical homie doing something right
Some nights I give up and just take flight
Or start to spit upon the mic
I'm stressed out I'm like
“im leaving all my friends
Making friends with some strangers
I thought we were close
I thought we were pachangas
We could have been a team like the power rangers
So many thoughts so I place them on a paper
Pen runs out of ink so I write with a light saber
I'm joking
Real life situation
A single father cries till he bleeds in prostration
He's frustrated
And sad
A disappointment as a dad
He rises up and starts to spaz
Angry at everybody and all that jazz
Life is like a test
Will you win or will you pass
Or will it be like Barry Allen
And just Flash
drinking some tea
And reading the New 52
With the super hero crew
Batman with the clues
Superman with the news
Green lantern with the ring that comes to good use
I'm sifting past the pages
Japanese comics
I'm switching to the Asian
Hayao Miyazaki
Trying to find mononoke
Everything's alright
No its not okay
Man there's no time to love what's the big deal
Man there's no time to love.
Track Name: Falling Down(Prod. by Nu Vintage)
Wise words from a wise man
Tell me to listen before I speak so I can understand
Chasing dreams in this reality
Not knowing what's right
I question my morality
I'm trying to keep up and stay alive
Erasing all the pain that escalates the lies
Im feeling fine
But inside I die
I need some time to breath
I need some time to see
I need some time to be the man that I want to be
As I'm being haunted by my memories
I close my eyes and fall into my sleep
I wake up and I don't even eat
I pick the pen up and write a musical speech
That I can preach to the world when I speak
I'm trying to keep a halo on my head
But im no master chief
The tears drop on the paper as I write this piece
Sometimes I'm someone else when I'm not me
I'm trying to be unique
Like a snowflake with some slight tweaks
The stairway to success starts to creak
As I hang on to the rails so I can travel to the peak
As the rhymes ooze out
The truth starts to leak
Like a plumber plumber pipes the wrong way you see
*as I walk right up I start to fall down
Past the samurais and warriors in this cold town
as my dreams rise up I try to hold ground
As my mind begins to flood I start falling down
To the depths of lost dreams where I start to drown
And I'm falling down *
I close my ears to the liars as I contemplate in the shire
I watch Darth Vader build an empire
As these lovers pass by trying to set my heart on fire
But like stormtroopers they miss their shots
I soon freeze to death as the world gets hot
As these dreams begin to soil so we chase till they rot
My life
From the birth to the demise
Will be mixed with the lies as I write these rhymes
As a story is told between every line
I demonstrate forgiveness when I suplicate
As my forehead becomes bruised when I prostrate
Time is everything so you can't be late
Its a cliche line but generics what rap generates
As the currency starts to elevate
And the rich but poor minded start to meditate
So let me get this straight
Those who tell lies get real money at a better rate
Than a man who writes the lines that he contemplates
That doesn't sound right
There's nothing else left so I begin to write
As mind flies coach
I save some cash and take flight
I feel like we're losing our energy
As a young child does drugs instead of reads
And the adults care about themselves instead of their kids needs
Which leads me to believe
That corruption is the plant that blossoms from this seed
The children want to be like those on TV
But I wait for the day where they want to be me
Like a sensai in the forest I produce positive chi
Setting an example as I read and drink tea
And explain the concept of getting on your feet
And chasing your dreams
I get up and wash up for morning prayer
As the sky becomes blue rather than getting grayer
Like a king with a crown
I stand with no frown
But I'm still falling down
Track Name: Groundhog Day(Prod. by Equalibrum)
The sun rises
Something doesn't feel right but I'm surviving
The clock rings 7:45 I'm alive
Like a mummy ressurected by its kind
And I
Walk outside
The community's concealed by the lies
I see the same news
Same people
Same things
Same artists on the radio start to sing
The same songs
Start to sting when their melodies ring
And its cold
In this town of repetition
We all try to be different
It becomes a competition
And a mission to distort the vision
The same people everyday don't listen
The same businessmen are still flipping
Same Muslim brothers with a halal intuition
Let the poor man catch while the rich are still fishing
I watch too many movies to know what'll happen next
I feel like I've seen this before
Distortion is complex
Same kids living high under the influence
Same adults laying low living life so clueless
I look around to get a proper perspective
Same people called terrorist
This world is so protective
Like mother
Chivalry amongst the brothers
Love is in the air
That's according to the lovers
And its contagious
Like giving some one a good book
They start sifting through the pages for ages
I swear to you
I'm telling the truth
Everything feels the same
Today feels exactly like yesterday
And I feel the pain
And it feels the same
And it feels like it is groundhog day
Its all the same
Yes its all the same*
As I walk to school
With the same state of mind
I feel everything around me is on rewind
Moving backwards
Is this real life
Or are we all actors
Portraying a movie that we clearly forgot about
I am locked in this madness and I can't break out
Same compliments are given to the same exact people
Same aura of horror coming from the same evil
The same king rules
As I put my minish cap on and escape to hyrule
Away from it all
Same complaints from summer
I'm still searching for fall
As I take this trip
Down the same exact road when its cold and sick
Like a magician I stay silent
Don't explain the trick
Just go
To a place no one knows
That can't even be traced by a dogs nose
I suppose
This is groundhog day
Because everything around me is happening again
Shutter island I'm inside and I'm about to go insane
The elements of pain become attached to my brain
As my heart burns slowly in metaphorical flames
And it sizzles
Just a little
Insanity is when something occurs more than once
This day feels like its been dragged on for months
Or even years
I've persevered
The situations not clear
This is exactly what I feared
Same exact words beings whispered in my ear
* Mr.psychiatrist
I swear to you
I'm telling the truth
Everything feels the same
Today feels exactly like yesterday
And I feel the pain
And it feels the same
And it feels like it is groundhog day
Track Name: Fall Asleep(Prod. by Esbe)
I'm falling asleep
I'm dreaming
Never really leaving
I'm believing
I start chasing and screaming
Heavy breathing
The road I'm running on is uneven
And I just keep
Screaming your name
Hearts burning into flames
Nothing is the same
My soul becomes dark like the game
Breaking down like grains of sand
This dream is something that I don't understand
Close collisions with love
Now I'm on the floor
I can't do this anymore
I can't do this
If this is a game then I'm losing
I'm running in circles and I'm clueless
I'm in my but I'm not sleeping
Not well rested so I'm weeping
Can't sleep
I'm becoming a maniac
Don't take me back
To the daydreams of you running along in a garden
Im a funny man like George Carlin
My dreams swing at me like the Florida Marlins
I can't even think straight
I'm an alien
A martian
Id answer if you start calling
Rising up to the challenge but I'm falling
Now I'm taking deep breaths because I'm under this stress
Hearts pumping in my chest
I don't know what to do next
Looking right looking left
Lost so I stop to rest
Look into your eyes and I see this is a test
Should I say it yet
Or should I wait
And take the bet
Zoom right past me like a jet
Now I'm running even faster
I here this distant laughter
A couple voices chatter
The farthest I run is the farther she goes
Autumn leaves and trees along with some cold
But no snow
I feel I have fallen into limbo
I shouldn't have even tried from the get go
A voice tells me not to let go
I hang on tighter
I can't wake up now
I want to live in my dreams
I run a bit closer and here shouts and screams
They shout my name
Their shouting at me
And they want me to leave
I need to put these voices to sleep
Drown away the sounds
Jump off this cliff and fall straight to the ground
I stand up and around me is a crowd
And everyone has the same face
Its the face I've been chasing
I look at my chest and my heart beats racing
Walking straight into this crowd I try to find the one
I see one person escape the crowd and run
I look back and their gone
Remember this is a dream
This is not a real just a depiction of me
So if I wake will I really be free
If I stay here is that captivity
I scream and shout
Come and just live with me
She hides behind trees
In the forest of secrets
I bite down on the truth but I'm teeth less
I refuse to believe this